by | Feb 11, 2024

An essential piece of equipment to get the utmost enjoyable experience from this game is undoubtedly the pitch.


There are two main players in terms of best quality pitches to consider from, both based in Italy.


Astrobase the largest producer of Subbuteo Table football equipment which produce a variety of Pitches, Bases, and equipment to cater for all demographics  and Extreme Works  which produces pitches and goals and keepers as well.


We will examine how these pitches stack up compared to one another to help you decide which pitch may be best for you.


So there you have it! Both pitches are great pitches to play on… We have found that the Astrobase FT edges out the Extreme works 2.1 in overall Play balance as well as value for money being 20-30 euro cheaper.

You really ought to have both in your club, the FT is a fast, well balanced smooth playing experience that many have yet to discover…The Extreme pitch is heavily marketed as the premier pitch, and it is a very nice pitch. However despite the marketing claim,it is not better than the Astrobase FT, Our club voted the Astrobase FT as the prefered choice out of the two with the Extreme Pitch coming in a close second. The Extreme pitch Version 1 was a faster pitch than the Extreme Pitch 2.1 is.

Go give the Astrobsae FT model a try! I have a funny feeling you are going to love it!